We break off. But only to build something new.

For generations, many people enjoyed their vacations in the Bieri vacation home. Now, at the beginning of June 2022 and after just one week, the chalet on Riederalp is history. Nevertheless, no one is shedding a tear for the building from 1950: The Volken Group is rebuilding it from scratch.
Since the aged Valais chalet was not high, a single mobile excavator was all that was needed for the deconstruction. In the process, our specialists used a lot of tact and the sorting grab on the excavator to separate all the deconstruction materials: scrap wood, scrap iron and demolition material ended up in separate skips and were carried away with a scraper. A clean job, like all deconstruction projects we tackle and successfully complete.


Benefits with the Volken Group

Open to innovation

Everyone plays a part in our company. For us, new ideas drive progress.

Open to different cultures

Our teams consist of people from all over the world who work hand in hand with one another.

Effective networks

We maintain strong relationships with partners, suppliers and customers.