Apartment house Eya

in Eisten

Two apartment buildings, each with three 4.5 room flats, are being built in Eisten in a natural setting.

Ready for occupancy from autumn 2022

Eya, Eisten

4.5 room flats

136.00 m²

Around Eisten

Eisten at the entrance to the Saas Valley is a small community with around 200 inhabitants. In less than 20 minutes, you can reach the up-and-coming industrial town of Visp or tourist destinations such as Saas-Fee by car or public transport.


Building description

Develop your new home with us? Please browse through the building description and let us convince you of the Eya residential development.


Room program

  • Six high-quality 4.5 room flats
  • Parking garage with ten parking spaces and five outside parking spaces


Foundation and walls in the basement are in concrete. According to the structural engineer's calculations, the upper floors are in brick masonry and concrete where necessary for earthquake safety (SIA 260ff.). The internal partition walls are in brick or concrete, and the intermediate ceilings are made of reinforced concrete according to the structural calculation of the engineer. Sound insulation measures are carried out according to the acoustician's specifications.


Aussenwände in massiver Ausführung in Backstein oder Beton, Aussenwärmedämmung mit Verputz und Holzverkleidung.


Quality windows in plastic-metal with triple insulating glazing. Minimum of one turn/tilt sash per room. Loggias with large-area glazing.

Sun protection

All windows (excl. loggia windows on the ground floor and first floor) with venetian blinds.1 sun awning per residential unit on the ground floor and first floor in the covered loggia area.

Roof construction

Pitched roof as warm roof construction. Rafters and roof boarding as exposed construction. Roof surface covered with tiles. Plumbing work in copper titanium zinc.

Plumbing work

Copper-titanium-zinc version.

Loggia / Terraces

Loggia with porcelain stoneware tiles. Covered terraces on the ground floor with porcelain stoneware slabs

Building services

Electrical installation

Flats with appropriate connections for lights, sockets, and electrical appliances. Living room with multimedia cabling (TV, telephone, internet), empty conduit installation in the other rooms. Blinds all electrically driven


Ceiling connections in all rooms, kitchen, dining, and living area. Lighting in wet rooms via mirror cabinet. Recessed lighting in the corridor, entrance, and balcony.

Heating and hot water preparation

Heat is generated for heating and hot water by means of a heat pump. A low-temperature floor heating system with individual room regulations is installed for heat distribution. Hot water preparation centre in the boiler room. Hot water meter per flat.


Interior wet cells and réduit exhaust air above the roof. Steam extraction (recirculation) in the kitchen with an activated charcoal filter.


Handicapped accessible lift for eight persons (630 kg).

Locking system

Central locking with intercom system. Entrance doors with mechanical locking system.

Bathrooms and wet rooms

Hot water preparation centrally via heating in the technical room. All appliances are standard, modern products, colour white. Each flat is equipped with a connection for a washing tower (washing machine and tumble dryer). Total costs included in the purchase price (incl. delivery and installation, incl. VAT).

  • per 4.5 room flat: Fr. 17'000.-

Kitchen equipment

Spacious quality kitchen opens to the dining area as desired, can be individually modified by the buyer (incl. delivery and assembly, incl. VAT):

  • per 4.5 room flat: Fr. 24'000.

Interior fittings

Plastering and painting

Interior walls and ceilings plastered. Walls painted white with ceiling plaster (abrasion) grain 1.0mm. Ceilings painted smooth with white plaster.


Floating cement coating with impact sound insulation.

Floor coverings

Living rooms and bedrooms with solid parquet. Total costs included in the purchase price (incl. delivery, laying and joints of all kinds, plinth):

  • Price per m² = 120.- (incl. VAT)

Slab work

Sanitary rooms, floors, and walls in the shower area are covered with ceramic tiles. Total costs included in the purchase price (incl. delivery and laying and joints of all kinds):

  • Price per m² = Fr. 120.- (incl. VAT) Staircase with stoneware tiles to be determined by the architect.


According to fire protection and sound insulation standards, a flat entrance door is white as a solid door. Interior doors in white as solid doors with lining and panelling. Each flat will be equipped with a 6-piece wardrobe.

Metal construction work

Hot-dip galvanised balcony and stove enamelled, or hot-dip galvanised stair railings, colour and design according to architect's specifications.

Private adjoining rooms

One cellar room per flat.

Car parking spaces

Parking hall with ten parking spaces (cold room) and four outside parking spaces.

Further information

Comments on special requests

Colours and individual materials can be selected by the purchaser together with the architect based on samples. Special requests can be considered, provided they do not affect the construction work and are communicated to the site management in good time. The buyer shall bear all resulting additional costs. We reserve the right to make changes to the building specifications that are necessary for technical reasons.

Construction dates

Construction started in spring 2021, and the building is scheduled to be ready for occupation by the end of 2022.


Changes can occur due to technical requirements, which is why no absolute guarantee is given via this construction description.

Sales notes

Included in the package price are:

  • Turnkey flats ready for occupation, including the corresponding share of land, in a completed overall complex with surroundings.
  • Complete building development, including connection fees for sewerage, water, electricity, TV, and telephone.
  • All finishing and installation work to the extent specified in the building specifications.
  • To construct the building, all fees for geologists, surveyors, architects, building physicists, acousticians, civil engineers, and building services engineers are required.
  • Costs for building, builder's liability, and construction insurance until acceptance or occupation of the house.
  • Building loan interest rates.
  • Costs for the condominium foundation and the management regulations as well as the regulation of easements.

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