Means of transport

Efficient, versatile and primed for every form of transport

Volken Group transports large and small freight throughout Switzerland and Europe using a transport fleet and special-purpose vehicles that can handle even the most challenging tasks.

Open to concrete & raw materials, to demolition & waste disposal

Dump truck transport

Our fleet of tipper lorries is perfectly suited to the recycling and construction industries. They can handle loose materials such as sand and crushed stone as well as gravel,


Freshly delivered from the plant, whether it be pumped concrete or shotcrete

Mixer transport

Our concrete mixers supply all of Valais and serve numerous construction sites. As ready-mixed concrete needs to be processed as quickly as possible after being produced at


For trade, industry, local communities and private customers

Skip transport

Proper waste disposal is sustainable waste disposal - when decluttering an attic or before a move as well as when tidying up at a company or in the area surrounding a construction


We will happily accommodate you - up to a distance of 45 metres

Concrete pumps

Volken Group's lorry-mounted and truck mixer concrete pumps make the work on a construction site noticeably simpler, easier and more efficient. In a short period of time,


No hurdle is too high for us

Transport with truck crane

Crane lorries are multifunctional. They transport freight and can load and unload themselves without the help of a forklift and regardless of where they are. Lorries with


We take care of anything that is too large or heavy for you to manage

Special transport

As a special and heavy transport specialist, Volken Group always finds a way to transport very heavy and large freight to its destination, whether it be enormous components


We clear the way - around the clock

Winter services

Volken Group's snow clearing and salt spreading vehicles are ready for action weeks before the first snowdrops fall in Valais. For years, we have been clearing traffic routes


Vantaggi con il gruppo Volken

Digital solutions

All lorries are connected to a modern logistics system, which saves time and is environmentally friendly.

Experienced drivers

Our drivers know their lorries as well as they know the canton Valais, and can also navigate their way through other areas.

Strong vehicle fleet

From light lorries to articulated ones, we have high-performance vehicles for every form of transport.

Contact persons

Erich Steiner (Kopie)

Federal dipl. foreman

+41 79 664 30 57

Alessandro Salemi

Foreman / Foreman

Sebastian Schwery

Federal dipl. foreman

+41 79 197 20 39