Volken Group's tipper lorries

Open to concrete & raw materials, to demolition & waste disposal

Our fleet of tipper lorries is perfectly suited to the recycling and construction industries. They can handle loose materials such as sand and crushed stone as well as gravel, grit, refuse, large stones and bulky general cargo. Volken Group's modern and versatile tippers punctually pick up and deliver whatever is required.

Tipper lorries: powerful all-rounders

Tippers are lorries with skip-shaped loading spaces that can be quickly unloaded by way of tips, both from the sides and the rear. Tipper lorries are suitable for bulk freight such as gravel and sand, but also for waste material such as excavated materials and demolished concrete.

Modern logistics play their part

Our digital logistics system for tippers and mixers records every order down to the smallest detail. Once the material has been unloaded and the delivery slip has been signed on the tablet, the customer receives a copy by email within seconds. Digitalisation saves valuable time and is environmentally friendly.

The new Scania R500 XT 8x4

Comfortable to drive, equipped with a sophisticated tipping geometry and powerful enough to master any mountain road in the Valais, this Scania of the XT series is perfectly suited for handling a wide variety of materials with its Moser CONICBOX - optimally metered into dumpers, concrete buckets or asphalt pavers. The fully insulated and wear-resistant CONICBOX made of high-strength steel can be opened hydraulically by remote control and will provide valuable service for years, and not only to our driver Urs Meichtry.



Tough enough for pick-ups, flexible for handling

Not all tipping skips are the same. Robust tipping skips made of steel are used for coarse pieces of rock, while box-shaped aluminium tipping skips are used for less coarse materials such as gravel and sand. These are lighter and therefore have a higher load capacity. Some tipping skip models are also tiltable and can be opened from the sides. That means that their loading spaces can also be loaded with a forklift.

Tipper or mixer? Both!

Many of our tipper lorries also have change-over systems. Their load capacity is somewhat lower, but the tipping skip can be replaced with a concrete mixer drum in minutes. Our drivers can retool their vehicles as needed in the space of just a few minutes.

A tipper always delivers

Tipper lorries are flexible and can be used for a wide variety of construction projects. They transport material away during excavation works, deliver soil and humus during landscaping and gardening works, and deliver blazing hot asphalt to the site during surfacing work.

The right size for every journey

Volken Group's fleet of tipper lorries consists of two- to five-axle vehicles with load capacities of between 9 and 27 tonnes. The long vehicles and the articulated tipper lorries are primarily on the go in the valley, while the smaller lorries more often drive in the tributary valleys. Weight limitations are in place on many of the mountain roads. Often, only lorries with 3 or 4 axles can drive on these.

Our tipper lorries

Tipper lorries for every purpose

2-axle tipper truck

Total weight 18t

3-axle tipper truck

Total weight 26t

4-axle tipper truck

Total weight 32t

5-axle tipper truck

Total weight 40t

Tipper semitrailer

Total weight 40t

Our tipper lorries

Vantaggi con il gruppo Volken

Digital solutions

All lorries are connected to a modern logistics system, which saves time and is environmentally friendly.

Experienced drivers

Our drivers know their lorries as well as they know the canton Valais, and can also navigate their way through other areas.

Strong vehicle fleet

From light lorries to articulated ones, we have high-performance vehicles for every form of transport.

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