Transport of mixers

Freshly delivered from the plant, whether it be pumped concrete or shotcrete

Our concrete mixers supply all of Valais and serve numerous construction sites. As ready-mixed concrete needs to be processed as quickly as possible after being produced at the plant, well-organised and reliable logistics are fundamental to the work of Volken Group.

What is a concrete mixer and what can it do?

Concrete mixers are lorries with rotating drums. They bring fresh concrete to construction sites. To ensure that high-quality concrete varieties are well mixed and meet the required quality standards, the inner walls of the drum are fitted with spiral-shaped blades. The drum rotates constantly and pushes the concrete forwards. At the construction site, the direction of rotation changes, sending the concrete out - just like a screw conveyor. The mixture makes its way via the pivoting chute to either a concrete bucket on the construction crane or the funnel of the concrete pump.

Concrete and half a tonne of water

Cleanliness is essential after every journey. To ensure that both the outside of the lorry and the inside of the drum can be cleaned after unloading, every mixer carries approximately 500 litres of water. This prevents any concrete residue, which can harden, from remaining in the drum. It also prevents residue from falling onto the street or other vehicles during the return journey.


Mixers that always arrive safely

Volken Group has mixers of varying sizes - with 3 to 5 axles - for different road types and quantities of concrete. Most concrete mixers have a change-over system that allows the mixing drum to be replaced with a tipper within minutes. This allows us to use all our vehicles to their full capacity and fulfil every demand.


The all-in-one solution

As well as traditional lorry-mounted concrete pumps, Volken Group works with truck mixer concrete pumps. Their smaller drum can hold several cubic metres of concrete and can pump it up to 24 m in a horizontal direction. This is an extremely efficient solution, particularly when dealing with small quantities of concrete where a single lorry can transport the concrete.


Improved performance thanks to the perfect combination

On construction sites, you often see concrete mixers and lorry-mounted concrete pumps positioned back to back. This allows the concrete to continually flow into the funnel of the concrete pump. Lorry-mounted concrete pumps are on site for several hours and are supplied by mixers that bring the material from the nearest concrete plant. In this way, the concrete is delivered continually. That is important for floor slabs and ceilings; so that these building components secure the structure of the building, the building components that are being added in stages need to continuously have concrete poured over them. That is why Volken Group always has several mixers on the go during big projects. Once the process has been started, the building component in question needs to have concrete poured on it until completion. Volken Group has enough capacity to master stages with several hundred cubic metres of concrete.

More information about our lorry-mounted concrete pumps

Truck mixer transport

Truck mixer, 3-axle

Total weight 26t

Truck mixer with pump

Truck mixer, 4-axle

Total weight 32t

Truck mixer, 5-axle

Total weight 40t

Vantaggi con il gruppo Volken

Digital solutions

All lorries are connected to a modern logistics system, which saves time and is environmentally friendly.

Experienced drivers

Our drivers know their lorries as well as they know the canton Valais, and can also navigate their way through other areas.

Strong vehicle fleet

From light lorries to articulated ones, we have high-performance vehicles for every form of transport.