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Proper waste disposal is sustainable waste disposal - when decluttering an attic or before a move as well as when tidying up at a company or in the area surrounding a construction site. Practical skips help to transport, deposit, recycle and dispose of all kinds of materials in a flexible, efficient and environmentally responsible way.

This way, you will have more space for the truly important things

Our rapid roll-off service can meet any and all needs. We offer all the common skip volumes - from small standard skips with a volume of 4 cubic metres to roll-off pallet bases for machines or large parts all the way to extra-large, tilting containers. Regardless of what it is we are picking up for you, the material will be professionally disposed of. This is partly carried out at our own disposal and collection sites.

We are happy to pick up anything that is in your way at home

Tidying up makes space for new things. We will happily deliver a skip to you if you would like to get rid of clutter, rubbish, construction waste, wooden items or other materials. One call is all it takes, and the next day the skip you want will be delivered to your door in the size that you need. Once it is full, we will pick it up again. We use lorries with a Welaki structure and roll-off systems to transport the skips. The capacity of these is large enough to allow private customers to also take advantage of our flexible service.


Little space and fragile freight? No problem!

Do you have liquid or muddy goods to be disposed of? Our skips, which are equipped with the alternating tipping container Welaki, will take care of it - even in tight spaces. The loading system with lifting chains on the sides keeps skips level at all times. It can also lift them up flatly and put them down. This way, neither materials nor liquids can fall out. A Welaki can transport various skips, including city skips, skip trailers and mud skips. When carrying heavy materials, the lorry deploys two supporting poles at the rear of the vehicle.


Strong, robust, flexible & capable of being rolled off

The hooklift is a roll-off system with wheel bearings. The skips are rolled over these onto the lorry, or rolled off. This technology is much more capable of bearing load than a Welaki. This is because less force is exerted on the lorry during the loading and unloading processes. However, skips start to tip when on the hooklift. That is why they are less appropriate for muddy or liquid contents.

Open to up to 40 cubic metres of material

As a hydraulic roll-off system does not need much space, it can use the entire loading space of the lorry with its hooklift. In this way, even large hooklift containers holding volumes of up to 40 cubic metres can be transported. The skips can either be rolled off or tilted. This makes it easier to unload at recycling centres or refuse incineration plants.

2 skips in one sweep

To ensure that our journeys are as swift and efficient as possible and to reduce the number of journeys needed, a skip lorry is often on the road with a trailer. That way, there is space for 2 full skips or several empty ones.

Small construction machines that are on the move

Lorries with a roll-off system are not just open to loose freight - they can also transport heavy equipment. The construction machine simply moves onto the flat roll-off pallet and both are lifted by the hooklift.

Would you like us to give you a quote for a skip?

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Would you like us to give you a quote for a skip?

Urban skip with lid

Volume of 6 m³

For bulky construction waste

External dimensions: L x W x H

  • 6 m³ 3,50 x 1,70 x 1,60

Sludge skip

Volume of 9.5 m³ or 10 m³

For wet excavation and bulky construction waste

External dimensions: L x W x H

  • 9.5 m³ 5,70 x 2,30 x 0,70
  • 10 m³ 4,90 x 2,10 x 1,60

Roll-off pallette floor

External dimensions: L x W x H

  • 6,50 x 2,55 x 2,00

Roll-off container

Volume of 9.5 m³ or 10 m³

For excavated materials and building rubble (accessible)

External dimensions: L x W x H

  • 9,5 m³ 6,20 x 2,50 x 1,00
  • 10 m³ 6,50 x 2,50 x 1,00

Roll-off container

Volume of 24 m³ or 36.2 m³ or 40 m³

For bulky building materials, wood and light rubble

External dimensions: L x W x H

  • 24 m³ 6,50 x 2,30 x 1,50
  • 36,2 m³ 7,00 x 2,30 x 2,30
  • 40 m³ 7,00 x 2,30 x 2,70

Normal skip

Volume of 4 m³ or 6 m³

For excavated materials, building rubble and bulky building materials

External dimensions: L x W x H

  • 4 m³ 4,50 x 2,00 x 1,00
  • 6 m³ 4,40 x 2,10 x 1,10

Flat skip

Volume of 9 m³

External dimensions: L x W x H

  • 9 m³ 4,50 x 2,00 x 1,00

Container skip

Volume of 23 m³

For bulky construction waste

External dimensions: L x W x H

  • 23 m³ 6,10 x 2,00 x 2,20

All-purpose skip

Volume of 7 m³ or 9.5 m³

For excavated materials, building rubble and bulky building materials

External dimensions: L x W x H

  • 7 m³ 4,40 x 2,00 x 1,50
  • 9.5 m³ 4,40 x 2,10 x 1,50
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