Truck mixer transport

Here everything revolves around concrete

From Martigny to Oberwald, down in the valley, up at altitude and in every direction – the Volken Group's red, white and green truck mixers are on the road day after day throughout the Valais canton, supplying construction sites with fresh concrete from our plants.

Total weight 26t

Truck mixer, 3-axle

Total weight 32t

Truck mixer, 4-axle

Total weight 40t

Truck mixer, 5-axle

Truck mixer with pump

Benefits with the Volken Group

Strong vehicle fleet

From light lorries to articulated ones, we have high-performance vehicles for every form of transport.

Digital solutions

All lorries are connected to a modern logistics system, which saves time and is environmentally friendly.

Experienced drivers

Our drivers know their lorries as well as they know the canton Valais, and can also navigate their way through other areas.