Building is in our blood.

About us

Managed by four siblings and in its second generation, the Volken Group has developed into one of the largest private empoyers in the Valais. Our name represents an owner-managed family business that embodies construction diversity at its purest, places the highest value on quality and is always open to new ideas – from the staff, too. This is also in the spirit of Franz-Josef Volken, who founded the company in 1968.

Team players are always welcome

Our greatest asset is the people who keep the company running day after day: long-time employees, as well as new ones and the next generation. We are not a holding company with anonymous investors behind us. Rather, the Volken Group sees itself as a large family in which everyone has a place and can contribute. Good training and constant further education opportunities are fundamentally important; everyone should be able to develop professionally and make a career for themselves. Our appreciation of loyal team players is also reflected in the fact that we provide them with the latest construction eqiupment, vehivles and technologies.

Martin, Anja, Stefan & Manfred Volken pulling in the same direction

Short decision-making processes, a sharp awareness of quality and a culture that focuses on solutions rather than problems are the best prerequisites for the Volken Group to maintain its successful course in the future. Leaders give their best, day after day, just like the motivated and perfectly coordinated 500 employees. In this way, they create exceptional customer satisfaction.

Built and scaled, stone by stone

Between Oberwald and Martinach, there is likely no one who has not run into the concrete truck mixers with their red, white and green drums. This construction tool has also made Franz-Josef Volken's one-time, one-man business larger and larger since he started out in 1968 with just one Unimog. Behind the growth lies a clever development strategy, a lot of entrepreneurial instinct and always that decisive bit of luck. Back-to-back orders during the boom of the 1970s, steady acquisitions of gravel plants and the trade in fresh concrete allowed the company to constantly prosper. Thus, it survived the later oil crisis and expanded far beyond the Goms site. New companies were added and clever mergers paid off. Today, the Volken Group operates several gravel and concrete plants, its own pavement plant, various recycling sites and a landfill for inert materials. In the real estate sector, more than 200 apartments are currently under construction or in planning. The portfolio is balanced and also includes properties in the commercial sector, industry and vacation destinations.

Since the start of the millenium, the second generation has been at the helm

Following their staggered entry, Franz-Josef Volken's four children have taken the reins and created new areas of expertise. Civil engineer, Stefan, is responsible for construction and real estate. Martin handles business relating to concrete, transport and materials management. The administration and management of all subsidiaries is in the hands of Anja and Manfred. Since the core competencies of real estate, construction, building materials, transport and disposal partly merge, the four siblings support each other in their areas of responsibility. The management quartet has a clear vision: the Volken Group looks ahead, wants to continue to grow in a targeted way and strives for long-term success. The focus is always on quality above all. Employees also play a central role in this strategy – all of them are promoted, especially those more junior in leadership positions. Because the future of the entire Volken Group lies in their hands.

Benefits with the Volken Group

Traditional family business

We are an owner-managed family business in its second generation. We have short decision-making processes and prioritise communication on an equal footing.

Effective networks

We maintain strong relationships with partners, suppliers and customers.

Open to different cultures

Our teams consist of people from all over the world who work hand in hand with one another.