Quality management at Volken Group

Strictly certified and a member of leading associations

For us, high quality standards are anything but lip service. Any company that wishes to consistently deliver flawless products and services requires a comprehensive quality management system (QMS). Digital integration allows Volken Group to continually perform first-class work and adapt to the needs of customers. Our QMS is not focused on short-term material success but is geared towards the medium- and long-term. That allows us to establish standards in relation to quality, the environment and safety that apply to every level of the company. These standards are directed towards high-quality results. They increase customer value, conserve resources and the environment, and ensure the safety of all employees.

Certifications represent a range of qualities

No company receives certifications out of the blue; each accolade must be earned. That is why we have established internal control bodies that regularly put our processes, safety regulations and operations to the test. Examples include our construction materials laboratory and the team members responsible for quality management. We also work with external supervisory bodies that certify us because we meet their standards. For us, quality management is not an obligation but a challenge that drives us forward and continually raises our own standards. The following organisations - who will shortly describe their requirements in their own words - have certified us:


The certification of management systems places high demands on the expertise of the certification body auditors. SQS certificates are recognised worldwide and are synonymous with high quality. This is guaranteed through accreditation by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS), membership of the IQNET international certification network and various cooperation agreements and arrangements with partners that recognise SQS as an official certification body.

ISO 9001

The SQS certificate of conformity with ISO 9001 has international validity and is recognised worldwide through the IQNet partnership. As a leading assessment and certification organization for quality and management systems, SQS disposes of many years of experience and cross-industry expertise. This guarantees the worldwide high reputation and acceptance of the SQS certificates for quality management systems according to ISO 9001.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001:2015 forms the basis for a systematic orientation on relevant environmental aspects including concerned stakeholders. Such an environmental management system will help to minimise risks and to continuously improve the organisation.

ISO 45001

Health and safety at work is an important issue in any corporate culture which is geared to sustainable success. ISO 45001 defines globally applicable criteria for occupational health and safety management systems. Verification that the criteria are satisfied is a credit to any company and an automatic image boost. As a leading audit and certification body, SQS has many years of experience and expertise spanning all sectors of industry. This explains why the SQS certificate for health and safety standards conforming to ISO 45001 is held in high regard and accepted all over the world.

International IQNet certificates

IQNET is the largest global network for the certification of management systems. SQS is the exclusive IQNET partner in Switzerland. IQNET partners are selected after a rigorous qualification process. A best-practice assessment model supports continuous improvement and consistent customer focus. IQNET is committed to compliance with authoritative international auditing and certification standards. This ensures that IQNET certificates enjoy a high degree of credibility worldwide.

Nature and Economy Foundation

The Nature & Economy Foundation supports nature in urban areas. It awards prizes for exemplary sites and environmental planning in the categories of business, living, school, private gardens and gravel. A design that is close to nature not only promotes biodiversity, but also ensures a high quality of outdoor space and recreation.


European aggregate building material standards require that factory production control is inspected by an external organization that is recognized accordingly by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS). SÜGB is notified for the harmonized standards. The SÜGB offers these services to all companies that produce construction materials made of granular materials and provides those companies that achieve positive inspection results with the certificates confirming this. With the certificate, the companies can prove that their production complies with the requirements of the Construction Products Act and the Construction Products Ordinance.



As a competent partner for authorities, members, customers and partners, ASTAG is specifically committed to solving all tasks related to motorized commercial vehicle traffic. With statements and public relations work based on the market economy, it takes influence on legislation and the formation of political opinion. In addition, ASTAG is deeply involved in basic and advanced education. This is also intended to promote young talent and career planning, as well as to improve road safety and the image of the industry.

Digital management system

Volken Group's QMS is fully digitalised and is a testament to the innovative spirit present at our company. All events and audits are digitally recorded, processed and evaluated on our Intranet. This digital management system saves valuable time and allows us to access statistics and evaluations from anywhere and at the click of a button.

Associations bolster the industry and its members

Being a member of these associations perfectly supplements our quality management processes by allowing us to foster good relationships, build a strong network and regularly exchange knowledge. It helps to protect the interests of employees, promote a positive image of the construction industry, and address cross-sector concerns, such as the apprentice shortage in skilled trades. In the following, the associations will describe their work in their own words.

Swiss Master Builders Association

The Swiss Association of Master Builders is the employers' association for master builders in Switzerland. It is the nationwide professional, economic and employer organization of companies in the building construction and civil engineering sectors and related branches of the main construction industry.

Valais Association of Master Builders

The Valais Association of Master Builders is the professional association of structural and civil engineering companies in the canton of Valais. With its approximately 250 members, it represents ¾ of the building construction in our area. The panel-laying companies, the gravel and concrete industry and the building materials trade are also involved.

FSKB Swiss Gravel & Concrete Industry Association

The FSKB represents the interests of the Swiss gravel and concrete industry, ensures a mineral raw material production and disposal aligned with the principles of sustainability, promotes a positive image of the gravel and concrete industry, promotes industry-specific education and training, and offers customized services to its members.

Swiss Scaffolding Contractors Association

The Swiss Scaffolding Contractors Association (SGUV) has been representing the interests of its members since 1988 and promotes the training and further education of scaffolders. Through its activities, the SGUV strengthens the image of this responsible and varied profession. Young people are given the opportunity to create a solid foundation for their professional career by means of the apprenticeships Scaffolders EFZ or Scaffolders EBA.

Facing challenges & growing as a result

Internal and external controls are challenging for all involved - they concern the construction experts on-site as much as they do the employees in the back office. However, in the long-term, every party benefits from these strict standards and regulations; employees benefit from a safe work environment, the effect on nature is reduced thanks to sustainable policies, and customers can always expect to receive the quality they desire.

Benefits with the Volken Group

Open to innovation

Everyone plays a part in our company. For us, new ideas drive progress.

Effective networks

We maintain strong relationships with partners, suppliers and customers.

Safety first

We have well-established safety measures in place to protect our employees and the environment.

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