Avalanche deflection dam Täschwang

  • Client: Municipality of Täsch
  • Construction Manager / Reference Person: IBR Ingenieurbüro GmbH, Daniel Bumann
  • Construction Foreman: Adem Salihi
  • Foreman: Franz-Josef Lauber
  • Construction time: autumn 2020-autumn 2022
  • Construction costs: 430`000.-


Technical specifications:

  • Diversion dam
    • 450m length 
    • 5-11m height
  • 6250m³ topsoil removal
  • 25`000m² topsoil laying 
  • 39`000m³ excavation removal  
  • 2`000m³ rock removal
  • 2`000m³ boulders
  • 30`000m³ embankment backfilling


Object description:

Since Zermatt was cut off from the outside world by several avalanches in the avalanche winter of 2018, an avalanche deflection dam is being built. The project includes the construction of the avalanche deflection dam and the creation of a construction slope. This dam will be built to protect the population from avalanches.


Special requirements:

  • Working time only possible from summer to autumn, due to avalanche danger.
  • The construction site was only feasible with well-trained and experienced personnel
  • Removal and application with 3D excavators

Contact persons

Adem Salihi

Department Manager Foundation Engineering

+41 79 755 23 92

+41 27 948 05 48