Civil engineering works Lonza Arena

  • Client: Gemeinde Visp/Frutiger TU
  • Construction Manager / Reference Person: Frutiger AG, Generalunternehmung/Jost Marcel
  • Construction Foreman / Foreman: D'Onofrio Antonio/Bodenmann Diego
  • Construction time: November 2017 until November 2018
  • Construction costs: CHF 1.6 Mio


Technical specifications:

  • 13'000 m3 excavation
  • 250 m2 slope stabilisation
  • 1600 m3 material replacement
  • 100 m3 concrete demolition
  • 6 months dewatering Wellpoint combined with several submersible pumps
  • 4'800 m3 backfilling
  • 1'200 m1 cable protection pipes
  • 150 m3 Pavement demolition
  • 500 m1 Sewer pipes


Object description:

The excavation work had to be carried out within a short time. During the entire construction period, the excavation pit had to be kept dry with a dewatering system (wellpoint method combined with several pumps). In the lower area, the excavation was carried out between the piles. The backfilling of the buildings was carried out in stages. All slopes were secured with rubble concrete and negative concrete. The entire sewage system, surface water and power lines were demolished and then rebuilt. All excavated material had to be transported to the landfill.


Special requirements:

  • Obstruction by piles + sheet piling
  • Demolition and relocation of all pipelines
  • Very short construction time
  • Obstruction due to water penetration

Contact persons

Diego Bodenmann

Foreman scaffolding