• Client: Lonza AG,  3930 Visp
  • Construction Manager / Reference Person: Grunder AG, 4020 Basel/Jörg Tegge
  • Construction Foreman: D'Onofrio Antonio
  • Foreman: Erich Steiner
  • Construction time:??????? April 2018 bis Mai 2019
  • Construction costs:??????? CHF 19.0 Mio


Technical specifications:

  • 11'000m3 Excavation
  • 317 pcs Milling work pile heads
  • 4'500m2 XPS insulation
  • 15'500 m3 concrete
  • 2'000 to reinforcement
  • 12'000 m2 slab formwork
  • 22'000 m2 wall formwork
  • 400 pcs props
  • 2'000 m2 Prefabricated slab elements
  • 110 pcs Prestressed concrete floor beams


Object description:

The construction work was carried out by the consortium Walpen AG (50%) / Frutiger AG (50%).

  • Lead management: Frutiger AG
  • Tech. Management: Frutiger AG
  • Commercial management: Walpen AG

The complex is founded on 317 cast-in-place concrete piles. All pile heads were milled off.
The base plate was very complex, with depressions up to 2.50 m deep.
The building has a total of 5 storeys. All slabs and bearing walls were made of in-situ concrete. Various precast concrete elements such as ceiling slabs, concrete girders and stair elements were moved. The infill masonry was made of sand-lime brickwork.


Special requirements:

  • High requirement for work safety, daily control on site
  • Short construction time
  • Very complex formwork work (slab height up to 8 m)
  • A lot of moving work (slab elements, beams, stairs and columns)
  • Complex project with very complex logistics and entry control via Securitas

Contact persons

Erich Steiner

Federal dipl. foreman

+41 79 664 30 57