St. Niklaus

Consortium Kipferwald MGBahn

  • Client: Matterhorn Gotthard Infrastruktur AG, Brig
  • Construction Manager / Reference Person: Markus Burgener 079 751 48 87 / AFRY , Brig
  • Construction Foreman:  Adem Salihi
  • Foreman: Herold Philipona
  • Construction time: April 2020 / Herbst 2021
  • Construction costs: CHF 4.35 Mio.


Technical specifications:

  • 3`200 m3 earthworks excavation
  • 2`617 m2 formwork
  • 125 tons of reinforcement
  • 1`085 m3 concrete
  • 2`450 m3 foundation layers incl. PSS / preliminary ballast
  • 4`500 m drainage and cable protection lines
  • 3`190 m permanent prestressed anchors
  • 330 m railings and metal walkway

Description de l'objet:

  • Los 2, project 410450: Construction work road surface renewal (km 22.540 to 22.931, length approx. 391 m): As part of the FbE project, the entire track superstructure (rails, sleepers, ballast) will be replaced. In the process, the track drainage (PSS layer and drainage pipe) and the existing cable block will also be renewed and additionally used as a new service road.

    Los 3, project 390014: Construction work retaining wall (km 22.120 to 22.540, length approx. 420 m): The entire track superstructure will also be replaced as part of the retaining wall project. In order to make room for the reinforcement work on the uphill retaining wall, the track has to be moved downhill. This requires the construction of a leaning bridge. Part of the wall head extension on the downhill side will be implemented analogous to the FbE project. In the 2021 construction season, the reinforcement work on the retaining wall will be carried out, consisting of extensive anchor drilling and in-situ concrete work.


Special requirements:

  • Complicated logistics as a result of restricted access routes and handling areas
  • Work under railway operations with confined space conditions
  • Two-shift operation (night and day work)

Contact persons

Adem Salihi

Head of Department Railway Construction

+41 79 755 23 92

+41 27 948 05 48

Sebastian Schwery

Federal dipl. foreman

+41 79 197 20 39