Customs building

  • Client: Bundesamt für Bauten und Logistik BBL
  • Construction Manager / Reference Person: Albrecht Architekten AG, Brig / Werlen Kurt
  • Construction Foreman: Salihi Adem
  • Foreman: Pfammatter Elmar
  • Construction time: February 2015 until November 2016
  • Construction costs: CHF 6.2 Mio


Technical specifications:

Civil engineering:

  • 2'370m in-situ concrete bored piles
  • 950m2 sound walls
  • 800m piping systems
  • 750m heavy duty gutters
  • 14'500m2 pavement works

Structural engineering:

  • 4'200m2 facade scaffolding
  • 2'400m3 concrete
  • 950m2 Parapet formwork type 5
  • 990m2 foundations
  • 2'500m2 Formwork for walls
  • 2'000m2 Formwork for slab (normal height)
  • 1'850m2 Formwork for slab (4.5m to 5.8m height)
  • 270to reinforcement
  • 1'750m2 BN masonry
  • 140m building length


Object description:

The new customs facility is being built in the commercial zone of the municipality of Brig-Glis. The new building will provide the necessary space for personnel and vehicles as well as a modern infrastructure for the diverse tasks of the Border Guard Corps and Civil Customs at a convenient location. The entire construction volume comprises a floor area of around 2,900m2.


Special requirements:

- Short construction time
- Coordination with subcontractors
- Complex project
- Groundwater

Contact persons

Adem Salihi

Head of Department Railway Construction

+41 79 755 23 92

+41 27 948 05 48