Demolition school building Niww Walka

  • Client: Gemeinde Zermatt
  • Construction Manager / Reference Person: mls architekten sia ag
  • Construction Foreman: Zenklusen Nicolas
  • Foreman:
  • Construction time: Januar 2021 – April 2021
  • Construction costs: CHF 1. Mio


Technical specifications:

  • Demolition Walka 1: 5'265 m³
  • Demolition Walka 2: 8'634 m³
  • Demolition Walka 3: 8'770 m³
  • Dismantling oil tank 1: 30'000 Lt.
  • Dismantling oil tank 2: 30'000 Lt.
  • Dismantling oil tank 3: 15'000 Lt.
  • Dismantling oil tank 4: 15'000 Lt.

Object description:

The building to be demolished is a school building with a gymnasium. This demolition will be realized in two stages. The demolition of the existing building complex has presented a challenge logistically and in terms of scheduling. Thanks to the support of the municipality of Zermatt, the logistical problems of the first stage have been solved. The building has been separated vertically. Using large excavators and an extended demolition arm, the first part of the complex with a building about 20 m high was demolished within a short time. The spray system, which was mounted on the demolition arm of the large excavator, reduced excessive dust generation to a minimum already at the source, which was very much appreciated due to the settlement densities in the demolition zone. Some of the demolished material is reused as recycled material, such as recycled lean concrete, on the new object. The remaining non-recyclable materials are disposed of according to the valid regulations.


Special requirements:

  • Existing tract under full operation
  • Extremely tight space