Hall Univerre

  • Client: Univerre Fabio Naselli
  • Construction Manager / Reference Person: Freddy Rieder 
  • Construction Foreman: Antonio D`Onofrio
  • Foreman: Pedro Oliveira
  • Construction time: April 2020 - April 2021
  • Construction costs: 2.8 Mio


Technical specifications:

  • 3000 m³ excavation    
  • 3700 m³ of concrete 
  • 330 To. Reinforcement
  • 5500 m² wall formwork    
  • 200 m² slab formwork    
  • 3000 m² XPS insulation
  • Prefabricated elements, floor slabs and concrete floor beams were supplied and moved on site.


Object description:

A new logistics building for the Univerre company is being built here on a floor area of 2100 m2. The floor slab is very elaborate, with recesses and several concrete beams. The building has a total of 3 floors. All slabs and bearing walls will be made of in-situ concrete. Various precast concrete elements such as floor slabs, concrete beams and stair elements will be moved. The infill masonry will be constructed in cement block masonry afterwards.All concrete surfaces are winged (mono concrete).


Special requirements:

  • Very short construction time
  • Complex project with very complex logistics 
  • High demands on work safety
  • Very complex formwork work (slab height and wall heights up to 9 meters)

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