Implementation of BehiG with total reconstruction of MGBahn station Lax

  • Client: Matterhorn Gotthard Infrastructure Ltd., Brig
  • Construction Manager / Reference Person: Jäger Olivier / Teysseire & Candolfi AG, Visp
  • Construction Foreman: Adem Salihi
  • Foreman: Diego Bodenmann
  • Foreman: Daniel Maric 
  • Construction time: April 2021 to May 2022
  • Construction costs: 2.50 Mio. 


Technical specifications:

  • 310 m² demolition center platform 
  • 3`460 m³ earthworks - excavation 
  • 63 m³ shotcrete 
  • 807 m of wall beams 
  • 2'000 m cased in-situ concrete bored piles 
  • 966 m² formwork
  • 55 to reinforcement 
  • 421 m³ concrete 
  • 190 m² waterproofing 
  • 1'730 m³ gravel mix 
  • 516 m drainage (half shell, seepage pipe) 
  • 552 m prefabricated perron angle elements 
  • 2'185 m³ backfill and backfilling 
  • 490 m³ ballast (pre-ballast support) 
  • 330 m railings and metal walkway 
  • 550 m cable conduit block 
  • 10 cable shafts 
  • 453 to of pavement


Object description:

In the station Lax the BehiG was implemented, in connection with these works a total reconstruction of track 1 and 2 took place. In addition an outside platform was newly built and made accessible with a new passenger underpass to be built with ramps incl. a roofing. The building platform was extended and raised. This in turn triggered adaptation work on the surroundings of the station building, on the drainage of the track and public facilities, on the overhead line and cable system, and on the customer information system. 


Special requirements:

  • Work in rail operations
  • Work under traffic (railroad operation) with confined space conditions 
  • Complicated logistics as a result of restricted access routes, handling areas 
  • Two-shift operation (night and day work)