Master builder senior center

  • Client: Seniorenzentrum Naters
  • Construction Manager / Reference Person: amoba baumanagement GmbH / David Bittel
  • Construction Foreman: Pierluigi D`Onofrio 
  • Foreman: Elmar Pfammatter
  • Construction time: January 2022 - December 2023
  • Construction costs: 7.30 Mio

Technical specifications:

  • 5'000 m² Yellow tub
  • 10'000 m² wall formwork type 2       
  • 1'000 m² wall formwork type 4 BOK 3
  • 7'000 m² slab formwork type 2 
  • 750 to reinforcement
  • 5'000 m³ concrete
  • 400 m² brickwork
  • 1'500 m² exposed masonry lime sand brick

Object description:

To live independently for as long as possible and still be cared for if necessary. This is the goal of the new senior center in Naters. The new building "Stelle" offers 24 bright 2.5 and 3.5 room apartments for senior citizens on three floors. 
During the initial preliminary explorations for the new building, archaeologists came across remains of Neolithic settlements. Here, several villages built between 4700 and 3500 BC overlap. The site is one of the most important prehistoric sites in the Valais. Since the excavation work will take several months, the start of construction of the new building has been delayed.
The ground plan of the building reflects two stars, whose spikes stretch confidently and dynamically in all directions. This results in the possibility of being able to look in two directions from each assisted living apartment. An underground parking garage will be built in the basement of the three-story building. 
The new building "Stelle" will be a multi-generation house, the local day care center will be located on the 1st floor. Thus, there will be meeting opportunities between different generations. 

Special requirements:

  • Short construction time 
  • Increased requirement for exposed concrete surface
  • Increased requirement for exposed masonry sand-lime bricks

Contact person

Pierluigi D'Onofrio

Department Manager Pollutant Remediation
Technician HF / Construction manager SBA

+41 79 368 63 62

+41 27 948 05 48