St. Niklaus VS

MGBahn TU Mattsand

  • Client: Matterhorn Gotthard Infrastructure Ltd., Brig
  • Construction Manager / Reference Person: Christian Heinzmann / MGB AG
  • Construction Foreman: Adem Salihi
  • Foreman: Sebastian Schwery 
  • Foreman: Daniel Maric
  • Construction time: May 2022/ in execution until November 2023
  • Construction costs: 5.30 Mio. 


Technical specifications:

  • 5100 m³ excavation trenches
  • 17000 m³ excavation substructure and superstructure
  • 285 m² shotcrete 
  • 585 m anchors
  • 505 m micro drilled piles
  • 890 m³ in-situ concrete
  • approx. 110000 kg reinforcement 
  • 3250 m² formwork 
  • 450 m² waterproofing 
  • 4435 m³ gravel mix 
  • 4720 m³ fill and backfill 
  • 950 m³ barrier layer 
  • 1830 m³ ballast (pre-graveling) 
  • 2350 m drainage 
  • 23 pcs. Control manholes 
  • 1480 m cable conduit block 
  • 24 pcs. Cable manholes 
  • 18 pcs. base 
  • 44 pcs. Pole foundations 
  • 65 tons of pavement  
  • 350 m guardrail 
  • 330 m crash barrier 


Object description:

The project total reconstruction Mattsand is located between St. Niklaus and Herbriggen on a length of 1235 m. The core element is the new construction of the crossing point with additional structural measures for supplementary use. Due to wear and tear, a renewal of the track's substructure and superstructure must be carried out along the entire route. To ensure compliance with the clearance gauge, in particular the service road on both sides, the track geometry will be optimized by shifting the track a maximum of 40 cm towards the valley after the Bielzug culvert in the direction of Herbriggen. The drainage and the cable system (new signal box, NS & Telecom, fuse systems) will be renewed along the entire line. For the realization of the total reconstruction, various artificial structures will be erected.


Special requirements:

  • Work during railroad operation  
  • Work under traffic (railroad operation) with tight space conditions 
  • Complicated logistics as a result of restricted access routes, transhipment points 
  • Two-shift operation (night and day work)