Overall repair Simplon South Casermetta

  • Client: Federal Roads Office FEDRO, Branch Thun
  • Construction Manager / Reference Person: Lombardi SA Bellinzona / Manuel Walder
  • Project manager: Erhard Burgener 
  • Construction Foreman: Celine Ludi
  • ARGE: ARGE HB Simplon 
    • The construction work was carried out by the consortium Interalp Bau AG (50%) and Frutiger AG (50%). 
    • Lead management: Interalp Bau AG 
    • Technical management: Interalp Bau AG
    • Commercial management Frutiger AG
  • Construction time: March/2021-Nov./2025
  • Construction costs: 23 million


Technical specifications:

  • Length: 1.9 km
  • Concrete 8'000 m3
  • pavement 7'000 to 
  • Steel 550 to 
  • Gravel 8'000 m3
  • Soil material 9'700 m3
  • Prefabricated parts 300 to


Object description:

The structural measures are aimed on the one hand at establishing conformity with standards, and on the other hand at increasing the durability and serviceability of the building fabric with repair measures.

General work:

  • Safety measures (SOS niches, extinguishing water system) 
  • Construction of a new roadway drainage system including manholes 
  • Renewal of the verges 
  • New cable conduits and shafts 
  • Renewal of road surface and substructure (replacement of gravel box and pavement over the entire stretch) 
  • Concrete repairs 
  • Surface protection in spray water and spray mist areas

Casermetta tunnel:

  • Installation of a drainage separation system with separate drainage of roadway water and mountain water
  • Underpinning of the vault inside the tunnel for installation of vault drainage on both sides


  • Repair of the gallery supports as well as the rear walls by means of sprayed mortar 
  •  renewal of the dilatation joints of the ceilings, lifting of Gerber joints 
  • renewal/improvement of the gallery roof drainage system 
  • Increase of the impact safety by renewal resp. new construction of the guide walls 
  • Replacement of the ceiling anchorage (various) and the column anchorage (Alpjen) 
  • Reinforcement measures against rockfall (tunnel portal) 
  • Repair of carriageway slab (Alpjen gallery)


  • Replacement of service lines 
  • Lifting of roadway crossings or replacement 
  • Replacement of bridge bearings
  • Replacement of the lateral brackets (Hohsteg bridge) 
  • Reinforcement of the bridge slab (Hohsteg bridge) 
  • Replacement of the trailing slats 
  • New waterproofing and new roadway structure

Further works 

  • New construction of a retention basin
  • Extension of BSA space Casermetta South 
  • BSA temporary cable protection pipes


  • Hohsteg bridge Year of construction: 2022
  • Hosteggalerie Year of construction: 2022-2023
  • Casermetta Gallery Year of construction: 2024-2025
  • Casermetta bridge Year of construction: 2025
  • Tunnel portal Year of construction: 2022-2023
  • Casermetta tunnel Year of construction: 2022-2023
  • Alpjengalerie Year of construction: 2024
  • Retention basin: Year of construction 2024


Special requirements:

  • National road works
  • Underground works 

Contact persons

Erhard Burgener

Head of Civil Engineering
Member of the Executive Board

+41 79 744 68 16

+41 27 948 05 48