Protective dam Rormatta

  • Client: Municipality of Embd, Flüo 6, 3926 Embd
  • Construction Manager / Reference Person: CIBR Ingenieurbüro GmbH, Daniel Bumann
  • Construction Foreman: Celine Ludi
  • Foreman: Frederic Mammone
  • Construction time: May/2022 - August/2022
  • Construction costs: CHF 400'000.-


Technical specifications:

  • Protective dam Rormatte: length 55 m / height 3.00 m / by means of earth-reinforced supporting structure 
  • Access road to Rormatte dam with retaining wall on the valley side 
  • Detour of drinking water and waste water pipes Rormatte 
  • In-situ concrete shaft and installation of pressure reducing valve drinking water pipeline 
  • New construction of turning area Rormatte 
  • Widening of the Rormatte hiking trail by means of a steel girder construction 
  • Creation of parking spaces Rormatte


Object description:

The hazard map "Rock and Blockfall" for the area Grossstei - Rormatta was revised. During the revision it was determined that a large part of the year-round populated area lies in the red danger zone. The municipality of Embd has prepared a construction project to ensure the protection of the residents. A new dam will be built in the area of the existing turning area to the east (55.00m). The embankment will be built by means of an earth-reinforced supporting structure. Before the embankment is built, some preliminary works have to be done.


Special requirements:

  • Tight space conditions
  • 3D model on excavator 

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