Rehabilitation curve Scheitwäga II

  • Client: Canton of Valais Service for Mobility
  • Construction Manager / Reference Person: Service for mobility / Martin Sarbach
  • Construction Foreman: Celine Ludi
  • Foreman: Orlando Truffer
  • Construction time: June/2022-Nov./2022
  • Construction costs: 0.6 Mio.


Technical specifications:

  • Excavation/removal 1'260 m3
  • Quarry stone wall 300 m3  
  • New console 120 m
  • Foundation 975 m3
  • Pipelines 245 m 
  • Inlet and inspection shafts 3 pcs.
  • Pavement 296 t


Object description:

Object description: In order for the traffic in the village of Scheitwäga to Visperterminen to be able to drive on two lanes, it had to be widened. A quarry stone wall was built and then the foundation layer was repaved and compacted over the entire width.


Special requirements:

  • Tight space conditions
  • Work next to traffic 
  • Quarry stone wall Cyclopean brickwork

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