Rehabilitation of retaining wall

  • Client: Matterhorn Gotthard Infrastructure Ltd., Brig
  • Construction Manager / Reference Person: Urs Wyer / Canton Valais, Service for Mobility
  • Construction Foreman: Celine Ludi 
  • Foreman: Daniel Maric
  • Construction time: August 2022 / October 2022
  • Construction costs: 0.30 million 


Technical specifications:

  • 120 m demolition of existing wall crown
  • 120 m construction of new wall crown
  • 40 m³ concrete 
  • 275m² repair of existing natural stone wall


Object description:

A wall crown was rehabilitated over a length of 120 m in Niederwald. The existing top of the wall and the covering were demolished, then the new top of the wall was built in stages. The joints in the natural stone wall were rehabilitated. The retaining wall is located next to the tracks of the MGBahn. 


Special requirements:

  • Work during railroad operation  
  • Work at night
  • Work on cantonal road