Scaffolding Casermetta N09 South

  • Client: Canton Valais
  • Construction Manager / Reference Person: Heldner Philipp / Frutiger AG
  • Construction Foreman: Uli Rüger
  • Construction time: 2022-2024


Technical specifications:

  • System Layher FlexBeam (bracket and suspended scaffolding)
  • System Layher Allround (modular scaffolding) 
  • System Layher SpeedyScaf (facade scaffolding)  
  • 70`000kg scaffolding 
  • 3000m2 scaffolding


Object description:

The Layher Allround system was erected for the temporary rerouting of the Napoleon hiking trail. The Layher Flexbeam system was used as surface scaffolding under the bridge for the refurbishment. The Layher SpeedyScaf system was assembled for the gallery and the stairways.


Contact persons

Ulrich RĂ¼ger

Department Manager Scaffolding & Tent Construction

+41 79 153 91 89

+41 27 948 05 48