Stabilization of river bed lot 76

  • Client: Canton of Valais, Natural Hazards Department (DNAGE) 
  • Construction Manager / Reference Person: David Miesch / Canton of Valais Natural Hazards Department (DNAGE) 
  • Construction Foreman: Celine Ludi
  • Foreman: Anton Pfaffen 
  • Construction time: February 2022  
  • Construction costs: 0.20 million  

Technical specifications:

  • 9 wooden rakes for stabilization of the river bed 9 pcs. 
  • Create 600m³ groynes   
  • 2750m³ scour fill 

Object description:

To stabilize the river bed, 9 wooden rakes were rammed into the river. The river material was then filled in between the wooden rakes.   

Special requirements:

  • Work on the river   
  • Work during low water period (winter)