Terrace construction Rottu-Lodge

  • Client: Erich Zumstein / Stephan Kenzelmann
  • Construction Manager / Reference Person:  Architektur / Bauleitungsbüro Gervas Heinzmann
  • Construction Foreman/ Foreman: Antonio D'Onofrio / Theler Horst
  • Construction time: October 2019 - October 2020
  • Construction costs: CHF 2.80 Mio


Technical specifications:

  • 11'730 m2 formwork
  • 410 m2 foundations
  • 4'200 m2 wall formwork
  • 5'390 m2 slab formwork
  • 1'730 m2 formwork retaining wall
  • 335 to reinforcement
  • 3'700 m3 concrete
  • 17'000 m3 excavation
  • 4'000 m3 Rock removal
  • 950 m2 slope stabilisation
  • 1'900 m2 brick masonry
  • 300 m2 Cement stone masonry
  • 12 prefabricated artificial stone stairs

Object description:

In the place called Obri Gaara in Leuk, a new terraced house is being built with 2 multi-family houses with a total of 14 residential units and 16 garages. The excavation was carried out with the help of a 3D superstructure on the excavator. At the same time the rock was excavated with a hydraulic pick hammer. All slopes were secured with shotcrete, partly up to a height of 10 metres. The surrounding walls and the ceilings of the basement are made of in-situ concrete. Buildings are made of concrete and partly of brick. All ceilings are made of in-situ concrete. Due to the hillside location, the apartment building enjoys a fantastic view!

Special requirements:

  • Very short construction time
  • Excavation with slope protection
  • Very tight space conditions
  • Terrace slabs all of exposed concrete
  • Complex buildings