Underlayment floor new construction EFH Bammattenweg

  • Client: Aline & Claudio Brun
  • Construction Manager / Reference Person: Michel Kummer
  • Construction Foreman: Sascha Bayard
  • Construction time: November 2022 - February 2022
  • Construction costs: 23'500.-


Technical specifications:

  • 65m² area  


Object description:

A black colored design underlayment with a natural look was desired as the final flooring. After installation, the floor had to be treated several times by hand and machine to maintain its natural look. After 3-4 weeks, it was finished by coordinated sanding and finally sealed.


Special requirements:

  • Natural cloudiness and uniform appearance. 
  • No water stains were allowed to be visible on the surface
  • Nice smooth surface 

Special features:

  • During the sanding work from the underlayment floor, the walls were already finished
  • The sanding operations were carried out with the highest precision and know-how, so that the grain was not visible through the design final flooring
  • Through the final impregnation and sealing in several operations from the final flooring, the desired final finish is revealed

Contact persons

Sascha Bayard

Underlayment department manager
Deputy Head of Concrete Products Prefabrication

+41 78 628 17 00

+41 27 948 05 48